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Brand New Magnetic 208 Piece Alphabet Set with Board Pen and Duster

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$39.00 AUD
Letters Blue is consonants and Vowels are Red
Drawing board: 28.8cm x 20cm
Letters Approximately: 3.2cm x 2.8cm
Thickness: 6mm Suitable age: 3-10 years old

It is very suitable for early learning. Versatile use, can be used as a learning tool, can also be used as a message board, or can be attached to the refrigerator. Let the kid develop a good habit of orderly storage from a small age, there are 27 transparent grids that can be summarized. Contains two sets of English uppercase letters, six sets of lowercase letters, magnetic plates, whiteboard pens, blackboard erasers.

Help Teach Kids Alphabet and Numbers
Age's 3 to 6 years