NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

We are a certified unregistered provider with the NDIS 

We are happy to announce that we are a certified unregistered provider under the NDIS scheme.  Our Company can handle the sales of low risk equipment to minors that have the NDIS # approved by the NDIS body.  We are able to specifically supply Basic Sensory, Assistive, Motor Skills and Learning Tools to all NDIS Participants with an approved number.   

Commencing: 30/10/2023
Expiry Date End: 30/10/2028

The NDIS Purchasing Process

We are more than happy to help those individuals wishing to purchase from Happy Gumnut via the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

At this stage we can’t process Agency Managed Payments.  However we can assist in Self managed and Plan Managed Payments online

The processes of those are detailed below

Or Download and fill out our form Copy link to your browser or at the bottom of the page red button "Download NDIS order form"


For Plan Managed

Please Email us at happygumnut@gmail.com

We will require the following information to process your purchase

  • The items you would like to purchase in a list or screen shot (cut and paste on word pad or we can provide you with an order form above google drive link OR bottom of the page red button download NDIS order form )
  • NDIS Full Name & NDIS Number that will be on the invoice
  • Name (representative or parent) The delivery Address and their contact number
  • Plan manager's name, email and phone so we can forward the invoice to them to process the claim 

We once we have all that information we will send both you and your plan manager an invoice (please let us know if there’s any issues or amendments needed) to begin the claim process (please be patient during this process) and once the full amount of funds is cleared we will ship ASAP.

For Self Managed

This risk is on you to purchase the items you need for your children based on their needs (if unsure please check with NDIS/Plan Manager regarding your specific needs and their guidelines for your child’s purchases) we accept no responsibility for inappropriate purchases as we just fulfil what is asked. 
  • Place an order from our website
  • Email us the specifics you need on your invoice (NDIS name & Number) and we will provide you with a receipt invoice paid in full for your claim.
  • happygumnut@gmail.com

Terms and Conditions

We require full approval of the claim and full amount of cleared funds as per the invoice to our banking institution before we will ship (1 to 2 business days handling).  We are happy to update you on the process if we know of any in further information regarding your claim.  Once dispatch is confirmed, you will receive a tracking number for your parcel (if you do not receive notification please contact us or check your Junk mail/Spam).

All our orders have a 14 day hold period once the claim is initiated if the claim is after that 14 day period we reserve the right to cancel the items and restock.  We are happy to extend or prolong this hold period as long as we are communicated with the status of the claim.    As always if there’s anything you don’t understand please don’t hesitate to ask.