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Da Vinci Code Board Game

Da Vinci Code Board Game

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The game "Decipher the turn cards" is a fighting game for 2-4 players. They have to place the cards according to certain rules and then guess the number of cards of the other player by the rules of the game.
Game rules:
1. The players arrange their cards arbitrarily according to the rules. Keep the part with the card number facing you, so that no one can see your number.
Rule: Adjacent cards cannot be adjacent numbers. (an example of how they can be arranged: 5373261)
2. Start with the youngest player to decide the order. He is free to choose 7 cards to start the game.
3. Players choose one of each player's cards to start the game and then guess the number of the other player's cards.
4. If your number is guessed correctly by the other player, you must put the card down so that everyone can see the number on the card.
5. If the player makes a mistake, he can use a small round card in front of this card to help the other player remember.
6. When a player decrypts all the other player's cards first, it means that the game is over and that player has won the round.
logical thinking
solving problems
perseverance and knowledge
competitive spirit
Dimensions: 20.5x11.6x4.2cm
Weight: 0.36kg
Gender: Girl/boy
Age: 3+
Material: Non-toxic wood
Color: Brown
Pieces: 30
Careful! This product is not suitable for children under 36 months. It must be used under the custody of an adult. This product contains small parts, which may cause children under 36 months to put the parts in their mouths and cause a choking hazard. Before children play with the toys, remove the packaging materials. Keep the game away from fire, high temperatures or moisture.
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