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Butterfly Specimens with Butterfly's Life Cycle in Resin Set 4 pc

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Encourage Children's Scientific Curiosity with Butterfly Exploration

Children can awaken their inner scientist by exploring different butterflies, including the Monarch butterfly, Common Tiger butterfly and Red Ring Skit butterfly and Monarch butterfly’s life cycle. Through observation and discovery, kids can develop their own understandings of the world. Visual resources can aid them in researching their theories. These pieces complement any scientific inquiry experience, particularly when paired with magnifying glasses, microscopes, light boxes, books or images of butterflies in their natural habitat.

Inculding one African Monarch Butterfly, one Common Tiger Butterfly, One Red Ring Skirt Butterfly and one Monarch Butterfly's life cycle 

Measurement : 75mm x 75mm x20 mm for single butterfly blocks and 95mm x 95mm x 20mm for Life cycle Blocks

** This is real animal, each specimen might be slightly different.