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Advanced Shapes and Patterns on Mirror Box Sensory Therapy Wooden Montessori Educational Toy

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Advanced Geometric Shapes Pattern Manipulation Puzzle Board with Flash Cards


Features and Benefits: -Useful For Many Concepts:  blocks there are plenty for making many different patterns. These blocks work prefectly with the learning cards which are made from simple to hard creating works of art with their imagination

Shapes Include Triangle Circles Rectangles Rods Cones ETC with  flash design cards. There are so many amazing connections when kids discover different ways to combine the shapes. After kids are done using the cards for patterns, they use their imaginations and create a whole array of things.

Package Contents:

2 Side Mirror Board

Assorted Shapes and Sizes 

10+ Pattern Flash Cards

Supervision REQUIRED

Assembly Required

Board Size 15cm wide  x 15cm long x 10cm High

Ages 3+