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Wooden Domino 200 pieces Wooden Blocks

Wooden Domino 200 pieces Wooden Blocks

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Domino Building Blocks 200 pieces
Wooden  Open-Ended Toys Building Blocks

Ready, Set, Go! Build Your Domino Race Full Of Extra Play Value Then Watch Them Come Tumbling Down
These small planks of pine wood can be balanced and stacked in an endless number of ways to create.... just about whatever you can imagine. 

* Box has some shipping damage made of cardboard but contents are fine *

Beautiful shapes, spirals, and joints can be achieved and the complexity is entirely up to the builder.

Comes in 10 COLOURS AS THE FINAL BOX PICTURE Red Yellow Blue Green Black White Ladder Planks Rods and Bits and Pieces to set it up
Domino Size : 4.4cm x 2cm x 0.7cm 

From the simplest of forms to towering sky scrapers you can do it all.

Recommended Age is 3+ for this many of these items

It May Contain Sharp/blunt objects that are not suitable for toddlers or may contain a Choking Hazard

please exercise care when giving to your children and supervise them while they play

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