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Deluxe Montessori Toy Tissue Box Baby Peekaboo Sensory Play Silk Scarves & Crinkle Papers

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 Montessori Early Childhood Toddler Soft Cushion Deluxe Rainbow 26 PCS Tissue Paper/Cloth Box Toy

EVERY KID LOVES A MYSTERY BOX!  could have tissues in it could be ANYTHING it's the perfect activity to get kids engaged!  Perfect for Babies that can sit up and curious about the world.  There is a rainbow Tissue Paper/ Cloth 26 sheets for them to pull and explore. The bright and vibrant colours are great visual stimuli keeping them engaged and working their hand eye co ordination & motor skills .  it's a perfect safe starter for little adorables.


1 cushion tissue cloth box

6 printed themes

20 various colour mesh fabric

Super safe for kids made of fabrics and soft cushions

diameter: 20 cm box

Material: fabric and cloth

Even though it's designed for young kids supervision is always advised