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Kirra the Koala Abstract Building Block Puzzle / Home Decor Display

Kirra the Koala Abstract Building Block Puzzle / Home Decor Display

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Children tend to learn things faster in their early years. What’s better than giving them a fun friend who helps them improve their spatial awareness, shape recognitIon, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

This 3 in 1 is much more than just a puzzle.  Kirra the Koala is designed as open-ended play to encourage your child to use the pieces of the puzzle as building blocks to create without boundaries.

Benefits for your child:

Puzzle - Promotes Analytical Thinking by solving problems, shape recognition, following a picture guide and building self-esteem while having fun.

Home Decor - Don’t put this puzzle away after play. Kirra has been designed to be used as home décor - sitting upright like in a picture frame. This will give your little one a cute framed koala which will encourage them to want to play.

Building Blocks - Block play promotes the development of spatial awareness and develops hand-eye coordination.  Children have to learn to place the block on the block tower in such a way that it does not tipple over. This play extends their imagination to create their own little world.

Recommended Age: 3 years+

Premium Quality Beech wood from sustainably sourced forests

Non-toxic paints

Product Package - Contains

Building Blocks, Tray and Tray Display 

31cm x 31cm x 5cm


Individual puzzles pieces vary

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