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Montessori Screwdriver Board With Tools Bolts and nuts

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Montessori Screws Bolt Board With Tools

Exercise to learn improve a childs perception of size ability.  There are bolts and Screws for multiple types and fine tune their motor skills to know clock wise and counter clock wise to open to tighten and loose

20cmx3.4cmx2.2cm block

Recommended Age is 3+ 

It May Contain Sharp/blunt objects that are not suitable for toddlers or may contain a Choking Hazard

please exercise care when giving to your children and supervise them while they play

Do not over tightening the screws as it will dislodge and unearth the screw socket out of the block of wood it is not a design flaw it is not designed to over turned to a point where it's physically forcing the socket out of the wood