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Wooden Light Panel for Table Kids Sensory Tool

Wooden Light Panel for Table Kids Sensory Tool

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Light Pad Light Table Light Panel (sale of the light pad light table light panel ONLY all other items in the pictures are NOT INCLUDED but can be found in our store it's designed to give you ideas and inspiration)

Want to give your child the joys of a light table but don't want to spend all that money?  We've come up with the solution.

We have designed the used either as a standalone device on a table or floor, AND alternatively, can be held in place by a few screws in the ever popular IKEA LACK table to convert it into a light table.  Don't screw the light table down to the IKEA LACK But put a few screws on the lack table to secure the Light Pad. so you can detach it with a few screws but it can be secured with a few screws. (Can send you instructions if needed)

Kids Light Tables

Kids light tables have become more and more popular over the last decade. They never fail to mesmerize children with their soft glow and dancing colors. When a child sees one for the first time, their eyes light up and they just can’t top looking at them. This explains why whenever there is one in a classroom setting, it instantly becomes everyone’s favourite feature in the room. 

That’s not all; kids light tables create lots of opportunities for activities and learning that kids can take advantage of. They encourage the development of a wide range of skills, including fine motor development, hand-eye coordination, pre-writing skills, colour recognition, and more!

Here is a detailed look at kids' light tables, how they work, and some of the best activities you can do with them.

What is a kids light table?

A traditional light table is basically a horizontal light box. It is a translucent surface that is illuminated from behind. It is used to view things that are placed on it in high contrast. Although it is commonly used in drafting, things like artwork, photography film, and x-rays can also be viewed or worked on using light tables.

A Kids Light Table takes this idea and simplifies it to create a surface that kids can use to develop certain skills and learn more about the world around them. Such light tables have become quite popular in preschools all over the world.

Kids light tables can either be big, full-sized tables with elaborate lighting systems, smaller tables with simple controls, or DIY creations. Preschool settings will often have larger kids’ light tables while smaller ones and DIY ones are commonly used in homes.

How does a kids light table conform to Montessori principles?

The Montessori method is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaboration. Kids light tables check all these boxes by providing an age-appropriate platform where kids can express themselves and learn new concepts at their own pace.

Here are some of the ways kids' light tables conform to Montessori Principles along with some of the greatest benefits your child will get from using a kid's light table:

  • They are versatile teaching and learning tools that can be used for open play, academic learning, sensory integration, and scientific discovery
  • The lighted surface draws kids in and enhances the learning process. Children learn best visually. The light table makes the visuals the main feature of whatever lesson your child is learning. This also enhances the colors and provokes your little one’s imagination
  • It improves their observation skills by encouraging them to notice the subtle details on materials that are presented on the lighted surface which they otherwise would not have been able to see
  • They can be used to help kids improve their literacy, writing, music, math, and science skills. Because they create such inviting learning spaces, kids get to learn through play without even realizing it.
  • For younger children, light tables provide the perfect fun learning opportunity for creative tasks, fine motor development, hand-eye coordination, and pre-writing skills
  • It helps improve problem solving skills, spatial awareness, language development, and pattern and color recognition
  • They are great for helping children increase their attention spans because light tables naturally draw kids in with their glow
  • Learn more about how to set up a home with Montessori Furniture

What accessories are good for a light table?

Certain accessories can help take boring old light table activities to a whole other level. Here are some of them:

  • Crystal bricks and translucent  blocks These look like regular blocks, except they are translucent and allow light to pass through them
  • 3D blocks featuring geometric shapes: This is a great way for kids to learn about 3D shapes
  • Transparent counting chips: They look like slightly larger buttons with no holes
  • Human and animal x-ray packs: These might work better in a classroom setting than at home, but they still offer a great way for kids to learn about animals
  • These are magnetic translucent tiles that your kids can use to create various structures. They are also a fun way for them to learn how colors mix
  • Translucent letter construction set
  • Translucent buttons: Be sure to get lots of them in lots of different colors
  • Regular printing paper for design projects: You don’t have to get fancy with your paper. As long as it is thin enough for light to pass through and your child can draw on it, you’re good to go!
  • Translucent pattern blocks and geometric shapes
  • Kinetic sand: your little one will love making sand castles lit up by the light table

The main idea here is to get something light, colorful, and transparent or translucent. In this way, the list of accessories you can get is nearly endless. Just flex your creative muscles and find things that will go well with the light table.

As you do, try to think about how light will reflect and refract through the material. Experiment with your child and you will be surprised at how many fun accessories you can collect over time.

Finally, as your collection grows, remember to keep changing things up every week or so to keep your little one interested. Keep your collection of accessories somewhere safe, then rotate everything out periodically to make sure the light table will always be a fun, fresh, engaging area for your child. Learn more information about setting up a Montessori Playroom

  • Recommended Age is 3+ 

Has 3 Tones of Light depending on which one is suitable for the activity
OUTER FRAME 50.5cm x 39cm

REQUIRES A USB PORT TO LIGHT UP NOT INCLUDED.  It can use any standard USB Port via computer USB or conventional Plug  

It May Contain Sharp/blunt objects that are not suitable for toddlers or may contain a Choking Hazard

Please exercise care when giving to your children and supervise them while they play

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