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Body Sock Sox Sensory Cozy Sheeting

Body Sock Sox Sensory Cozy Sheeting

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Body Socks are ideal for individuals with autism, sensory processing disorders and anxiety. They are proving to be a great source for regulation in the home, school or therapy clinic.

Therapeutic uses for Lycra Body Socks include Self-Regulation and Body Awareness. Body Socks are an effective way for children and adults to work on a variety of skills while in occupational therapy, at home or school.

Lycra Body Socks are very stretchy and provide resistance when you move in them. This deep pressure is applied to the joints (proprioceptive input) and vestibular input (balance and movement in space) while moving.

How do they help?


Body Socks work by applying deep pressure to the limbs, providing body awareness through proprioceptive and vestibular input. The body sock adds gentle pressure to the body, as hands and feet are placed in the corners of the body sock as the user moves around.


Safety Recommendation


Made from quality see through fabric. Each body sock has a reinforced opening to make removing the product easy and quick. We recommend use with a carer or parent.


Beneficial for:  Deep Pressure, ADHD, Sensory Seekers, Autism, Separation Anxiety, Movement in small spaces, Fidgeting


Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large

  please monitor the child to make sure they do not over exert themselves

Size Chart

PLEASE Measure your child with a tape before you buy!

Height = FEET TO SHOULDERS Wide = Length of feet Apart 

Small 102cm Height x 69cm Wide
Medium 120cm Height x 69cm Wide
Large 142cm Height x 72cm wide

If unsure select the bigger one as it can stretch



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