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DIY Wooden Craft Material Mandala Loose Parts!

DIY Wooden Craft Material Mandala Loose Parts!

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Tinker Tray Timber Toy Storage Tray Customize Your Tray Kit! Mandala Loose Parts DIY

Build Your Tinker Tray !! 

Choose from VARIOUS SMALL SIZES ranging from 2-4cm size
Cones, Drops, Buttons, Honeycombs, Mushrooms, Chips, Teardrops, Acorns, and Eggs... 

PICK A TRAY any tray to keep and look after your loose parts mandala pieces

A 21 x 32 x 8 cm

B 32 x 12 x 7cm

C 22 x 22 x 10cm

D 28 x 18 x 7cm

Recommended Age is 3+ for this many of these items

It May Contain Sharp/blunt objects that are not suitable for toddlers or may contain a Choking Hazard

please exercise care when giving to your children and supervise them while they play

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