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12 Real Bugs Insects Resin Blocks Animal Specimens Epoxy Butterfly Bee Spider Gift Set Collection

12 Real Bugs Insects Resin Blocks Animal Specimens Epoxy Butterfly Bee Spider Gift Set Collection

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Select your 12 Favourite insect Specimens


Insect Collection Set - 12 Insect Specimen in Lucite/ Resin Blocks with storage case Science Educational learning toy material


12 genuine different insects, crabs and star fish permanently encased in clear lucite resin material (in separate individual block). The specimens are crystal clear, indestructible and transparent. 



Anyone can safely explore the specimens from every angle.


it is clear enough for microscope observation.


Receive a Free Display case

Lucite Resin Specimens Blocks measurement: 38mm x 38mm x 14mm 


YOU CAN PICK 12 of your OWN just put it in the notes which 12 YOU WOULD LIKE! at CHECK OUT!

Pick from the standard list ABOVE! ONLY 1 variation PER SET please send us an email or a note on the order which ones you would like thank you!


Just email us from 1-16 list your top priority being 1 and 16 is your least as we have a few items that have ran out

Lychee Stink Bug Orb Weaver Spider Mole Cricket Wolf Spider DragonFly Honeybee & Flower Butterfly Dragonfly Larvae Fiddler Crab Hairy Leg Crab  Kamenote Tiger Barb Hermit Crab Round Shell Crab Star Fish  Stag Beetle Chafer Beetle Open Wings Chafer Beetle Close Wings Spotted Laterfly Centipede Ant and Leaf Dung Beetle Wasp Silkworm Blister Beetle B HoneyBee Spiny Spider Baby Shrimp Cicada Antler Horned Beetle Cricket Moth Butterfly Locust Hornet Black Scorpion

Recommended Age is 3+ for this many of these items

If you do not tell us within 48 Hours we will select 12 randomly 


It May Contain Small objects that are not suitable for toddlers or may contain a Choking Hazard

please exercise care when giving to your children and supervise them while they play








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